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Investor Information

The Company’s Common Stock is traded on the Over The Counter Market (trading symbol "PRRR"). For up-to-date annual and quarterly financial information please visit the Financial Section on the Over The Counter Market.

The Mission of Pioneer Lines are to acquire, develop and operate multiple short line railroads and industrial switching locations in North America under one centralized management and support system. Today, Pioneer Lines are "On The Right Track" with its business plan and a number of railroad acquisitions have been successfully concluded in recent years.

Customers know Pioneer Lines and its dedication to providing reliable and dependable rail services through its North American railroad subsidiaries. Pioneer’s customers include some of the most successful corporations in America. The commodities moved by Pioneer Lines are primary products needed for the economy in good times and bad. Examples of these commodities are agricultural products such as cottonseed, corn, fertilizer, meal, peanuts, soybeans, and wheat, along with other products such as alcohol, baby food, charcoal, chemicals, flooring materials, frozen foods, heavy equipment, lumber, paper products, plastics, scrap metal, steel (finished,) and wood products (finished.)

Cities and states know Pioneer Lines as an important and growing part of their economic strength, their transportation system, and as a provider of jobs.

The railroad industry knows Pioneer Lines as a modern, professional multiple-line operator that is a strong and reliable business partner.

The capital markets know Pioneer Lines as an emerging force in the railroad industry.

Employees know Pioneer Lines as a hard-charging company, where they can invest their talents and grow with the Company’s successes. The Company has attracted fine, "team oriented" individuals dedicated to the rail industry and Pioneer Lines.

Vendors and suppliers know Pioneer Lines as a growing and reliable customer that is committed to building strong business partnerships.

Investing in Pioneer is investing America’s transportation infrastructure. Pioneer’s assets are tangible and consist primarily of real estate, rail facilities, locomotives, rail cars, buildings and other heavy equipment. Investing in the rail industry through Pioneer is an investment in the movement of America each day of the week.

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