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Railcar Storage

All of Pioneer Railcorp’s shortline railroad subsidiaries have extra track capacity available for short-term or long-term storage of loaded and empty railcars. Pioneer Railroad Services, Inc., (PRSI) a wholly owned subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp, is responsible for the commercial relationship between private railcar owners and the lessors of private railcars. PRSI currently stores empty railcars for some of the largest private railcar owners and lessors in the country. PRSI also provides “storage in transit” services for industries requiring a staging point for its loaded cars awaiting final disposition.

Please click on Map Of Operations for a view of the geographic territories of Pioneer-operated subsidiaries. A standard "Railcar Storage Agreement" is required on hazardous railcar storage. For more information, please contact Mr. Shane D. Cullen, VP of Transportation and Operations, for a price and availability quotation.

For More Information On Our Railcar Storage Services, Contact:
Mr. Shane D. Cullen
V.P. of Mechanical & Operations
Pioneer Railroad Services, Inc.
1318 South Johanson Road
Peoria, IL 61607
ph: (309) 697-1400 (Ext. #1438)
fax: (309) 697-5387
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